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ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE, NIOS ADMISSION Class 10th 12th in Delhi is going on. If you want direct admission in ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE as a Cbse Private Candidate or Cbse correspondence for class 10th or 12th or want Nios Admission in Class 10th or 12th in Delhi. Those who have fail in 9th class or 11th class are helped to get DIRECT ADMISSION in 10th class and 12th class, using the opportunities provided by CBSE BOARD and NIOS BOARD ADMISSION. ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE, Nios admission is the best option for school dropouts and failed Students in lower Classes can fulfill their ambition to complete successfully their Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses. They can pursue their life with the respective School Final Certificates and carry on their desired careers. This CBSE Board Admission and NIOS Board Admission is a real boon for failed Students, extremely got dejected in life. Adarsh Education Institute is known for providing admission to the girl child and the economically weak people at a very low cost. People can also apply online for getting admission to Adarsh education institute.
ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE | CBSE PATRACHAR ADMISSION Admission 10th,12th | NIOS Admission 10th,12th in Delhi | CBSE Private Candidate | CBSE Admission 10th,12th In Delhi | 9th fail | 11th fail. A Student fail in 9th class (or School dropout at any stage) can get DIRECT ADMISSION in CBSE Syllabus 10th class either in ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE or CBSE Private Candidate.If the Student fail in 11th Standard they can get DIRECT ADMISSION in 12th class in the same way, as mentioned above and can appear in class 12th board exam from CBSE board. Similarly if the Student failed in 9th class or 11th class from any Recognized Board School, they can get Admission in another board recognized by the ministry of HRD govt. of India the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in 10th standard or 12th standard, as the case may be. This is called NIOS Admission Stream 1. If the Student has failed in CBSE exam or scored lower score and again want to appear from CBSE board than he can appear for CBSE IMPROVEMENT EXAM also, to secure Pass Marks in the failed subjects of CBSE Syllabus.
In NIOS Admission Stream – 2 Students who studied in CBSE Board Schools or any other state board in India and fail in either 10th class or 12th class get a Second Opportunity to Write Exam in the Same Academic Year! They need not write all Exams again, but write only Exams for the Failed Subjects. Students who were eligible to appear respective Exam, but could not appear for Exam previously can also get this opportunity.
There are special batches for girls students, personality development classes and computer education. Regular classes based on individual attention to students are provided here so that they can compete with the students of main stream of formal schools. With the help of these classes they can qualify their Secondary & Sr Secondary Exams & they can settle themselves in any career of their own choice.
Another advantage for NIOS Stream-2 Students is they can avail Transfer of Credit (TOC) Facility, whereby the best Marks obtained by them in 2 Subjects, in the earlier Exam will be recorded in the fresh Certificate, they are going to get if they Pass the Course in the second attempt.
NIOS Admission Stream 3 and Stream 4 –In these Streams CBSE Board Students can write Exams “On Demand”. Every month the NIOS Board conducts these Improvement Exams for 10th class and 12th class Students. Already Passed Students in 10th class or 12th class can write Exam for improvement of their Marks Failed Students can write to Pass the Subjects Students who were eligible but could not attend their earlier Exams can also write the Exams. Here also the same Transfer of Credit Facility (TOC) is made available as per Rules.

CBSE Board Admission Class 10th, 12th | NIOS Board Admission Class 10th, 12th | Adarsh education institute |CBSE Private | CBSE Correspondence | COME TO ADARSH EDUCATION INSTITUTE AND YOU CAN GET THE FOLLOWING HELP & GUIDANCE FOR ADMISSION & CLASSES TO PASS 10TH CLASS OR 12TH CLASS BOARD EXAMS HAPPILY!
Our mission
our mission is to promote quality education at an affordable cost so that students from all segments of the society can take the advantage of the education.
Who we are?
we are the leading institute in west Delhi to educate those who are not able to get regular studies due to any reason. we fulfill this with the help of Adarsh education institute, NIOS.
What we do?
WE SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS YEAR Adarsh education institute provides education to the students who are willing to complete their studies but due to certain circumstances, they are unable to do so.
Adarsh education institute
Adarsh education institute Admission Open for 9th and 11th Failed Students. Limited Seats. Apply. Limited Seats. Affordable Fees. Enquire Now. Direct Admission. Don't Waste Year. Pass With Good Marks. Call Now :- 98917 74875




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